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The Renfrew Center of New York City has MOVED!


National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2022

In recognizing National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (led by NEDA), February 21 – February 27, 2022, The Renfrew Center is sponsoring its annual support campaign. Our theme this year, Live Your REEL REAL Life, acknowledges the fact that social media is often referred to as a highlight reel. Posts on platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook tend to depict only the perfect moments of our lives rather than portraying the full picture.

This campaign is a wake-up call: Stop worrying about how your followers view you and start living your life free from judgment or comparison. Through a variety of interactive and engaging workshops and resources, Renfrew encourages you to reflect on the impact social media has on your body image and mental health. You deserve to empower yourself and embrace the real you.


We encourage you to follow the campaign (#LiveRealWithRenfrew), and all things Renfrew, by ‘liking’ us on social media @RenfrewCenter.


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