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Faith-Based Programs

Eating Disorder Treatment that Heals the Spirit

As a non-denominational treatment facility, Renfrew provides a safe and healing community for patients from all faiths and backgrounds. Because many individuals find strength and healing in their place of worship, we offer optional faith-based programs for those who are interested in moving toward a return to health within the context of their beliefs.

Thinking About Treatment?

The Renfrew Center’s Faith-Based Programs

The Renfrew Center offers Christian and Jewish programming for those who choose to participate. These options have been integrated into Renfrew’s evidence-based Unified Treatment Model for Eating Disorders® with a faith-based approach to treatment. Special accommodations are made for individuals of all religions, when requested.

Clinical Sensitivity & Support

Renfrew’s clinicians are sensitive to the customs and practices of our patients, no matter their beliefs. Through the healing power of rituals, traditions, prayers, and blessings, participants examine their personal commitments to their faith as they move forward in the recovery process.

Christian Programming

Centered on the practice of nurturing a sound mind and body, Renfrew’s Christian-based programming offers a variety of meaningful topics based in scripture and opportunities for self-reflection. Participants develop tools to establish and maintain healthy relationships with faith, family and friends, while maximizing the recovery journey through the power of their relationship with God and the support of their Christian community.

Jewish Programming

Our in-depth Jewish programming embraces those who seek r’fuat hanefesh – healing of the spirit – welcoming and accommodating all individuals along the continuum of religious observance. Renfrew’s collaborative treatment approach addresses a wide range of meaningful Jewish-based topics for exploration and reflection including, but not limited to, the place of food in life, body image, Jewish identity, family tradition, faith, and perfectionism.

Kosher Dining

All meals served within Jewish programming are kosher and supplied either by kosher vendors or catered by restaurants under the strict supervision of Rabbis. All food is kept separate, all plates and eating utensils are disposable and all serving pieces are clearly marked for kosher use only.

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