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What to Expect

The Renfrew Center’s experienced staff help guide you and your family through admission — assessments can be done in-person or virtually. We are here to support you through the process, including providing resources, answering any questions you may have and discussing your individual needs. Next, we work with you and your current treatment team to establish recovery goals and a comprehensive plan that includes the appropriate level of treatment based on your unique needs.

Thinking about Treatment?

Financial Considerations

The cost of care should never get in the way of quality treatment. This is why Renfrew accepts more than 400 insurance plans. Our dedicated staff help patients with authorizations and appeals, and we routinely petition out-of-network carriers to extend benefits to you.

The Path to Recovery Starts Here

Seeking treatment is the first step on the path to eating disorder recovery. Following admission, our multidisciplinary team will provide you with care in a warm, nurturing environment where our treatment philosophy is based on four overarching goals:

1. Stabilize & Engage

The initial focus of treatment is to re-establish physical and nutritional health so patients can make a commitment to recovery.

2. Trust & Experiment

With the support and encouragement of their treatment team and their peers, patients start to develop a new relationship with food and with their bodies.

3. Expand & Practice

Every treatment path includes opportunities appropriate to each patient’s progress that help prepare them for real life situations.

4. Ongoing Recovery

Finally, patients develop skills and strategies to manage ongoing challenges related to food, body image and eating behaviors once they leave Renfrew.

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