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Trauma Programming

Eating Disorders and Trauma

In the past year, over two-thirds of patients admitting to Renfrew’s residential level of care reported a history of trauma. This trauma is usually physical, sexual or emotional in nature, and although it may have occurred in the past, the post-traumatic reaction continues to affect the present. These ongoing reactions are often integrally related to the eating disorder through a pattern of experiential avoidance.

Renfrew’s Trauma Programming is based on the concept that real healing occurs when survivors learn to experience their emotions, live a life that is consistent with their values and relationally connect with one another. Those who participate in this program have reported that they are amazed by their own resilience and the quality of freedom they are able to achieve over their lives.

Thinking About Treatment?

What Does the Trauma Programming Include?

Renfrew’s Trauma Programming is a specialized program designed to treat both the trauma response and the eating disorder simultaneously. The program integrates our Unified Treatment Model for Eating Disorders with Cognitive Processing Therapy in a manner that motivates participants to build emotional mastery and flexibility from core trauma-informed beliefs.

A Safer Environment

Renfrew’s healing environment invites patients to develop trust and safety within relationships. This provides a foundation for growth of emotional tolerance skills necessary for long-term healing and recovery.


Participants develop emotional awareness skills to build a sense of empowerment over events that may have once left them feeling powerless, shameful, guilty, angry, and afraid.

Integrated Therapies

The program integrates group, individual and experiential therapies with didactic psychoeducation that explores the relationship between trauma and eating disorders in a way that ensures progress toward recovery from both. Common trauma themes explored in the program include safety, trust, power and control, esteem, and intimacy.

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