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College Program

Specialized Programming for College Students

College life often brings with it complex and difficult paths for students to navigate, particularly for those with an eating disorder. For college-age students who choose to participate, Renfrew has integrated specialized programming into all levels of care including Residential, Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient to address the many challenges students face while attempting to balance recovery with the demands of school.

Thinking About Treatment?

What Does the College Program Include?

Academics, social situations and new levels of independence are exciting and yet, at times, stressful. Programming covers the following topics:

  • Isolation
  • Nutrition and meal planning
  • Balancing the new normal of academics
  • Exercise
  • Campus culture
  • Self-care practices
  • Identifying new support
  • Navigating family dynamics
  • Social and dating relationships

Shared Experience

Identity exploration is a key growth aspect in a college experience. Renfrew’s College Programming creates a safe, therapeutic space for peer connection to address the many challenges students face while trying to balance eating disorder treatment and recovery.

Campus Culture

Navigating recovery while engaging in healthy relationships and campus culture is particularly unique and comes with challenges. College Programming addresses opportunities to balance social isolation, dating, binge drinking and exercise culture, nutrition and meal planning, self-care practices and more.

Establishing Support

Renfrew’s College Programming empowers students to utilize traditional family support while also inviting peers, partners, and others into a wider network of on campus support to best navigate recovery. Additionally, aftercare planning includes access to outpatient support and recovery resources nationwide.

Is It Really an Eating Disorder?

We live in a culture with rigid ideals about food, weight and size, so it can be difficult to recognize when your thoughts and behaviors have become dangerous. Take a quiz and find out.

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