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Learn More About Renfrew’s 2024 Eating Disorders Awareness Week Campaign: In My Empowerment Era

Do I Respect My Body?

Take this interactive quiz to help determine if you have a positive view of your body.

I rarely talk negatively about my body.
I do not weigh myself more than once a week.
If appearance did not matter in our society, I would still exercise the same amount that I do now.
I rarely compare my looks or body to others.
I rarely feel guilty or anxious after eating a high fat food.
I can accept a compliment about my appearance.
If I had to do things that were unhealthy (fasting, taking laxatives, or throwing up) in order to change my weight, I would choose not to do them.
I feel happy or content, for the most part, with my life at this time.
I wouldn’t panic if I gained a few pounds.
For the most part, I am satisfied with my current body shape and size.

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