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Do I Respect My Body?

Take this interactive quiz to help determine if you have a positive view of your body. Understanding your body image can be the first step toward developing self-compassion.

Disclaimer: The ‘Do I Respect My Body’ quiz can only give results based on the questions asked. It relies on your answers, but it’s important to note that these results are for information and education only. They don’t replace professional evaluations or treatment by a qualified medical professional. If you think you need professional help, please reach out as soon as possible.

I rarely talk negatively about my body.
I do not weigh myself more than once a week.
If appearance did not matter in our society, I would still exercise the same amount that I do now.
I rarely compare my looks or body to others.
I rarely feel guilty or anxious after eating a high fat food.
I can accept a compliment about my appearance.
If I had to do things that were unhealthy (fasting, taking laxatives, or throwing up) in order to change my weight, I would choose not to do them.
I feel happy or content, for the most part, with my life at this time.
I wouldn’t panic if I gained a few pounds.
For the most part, I am satisfied with my current body shape and size.

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