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The Renfrew Center Foundation

Make a life-changing impact in the lives of those suffering from eating disorders.

Eating Disorders Advocacy & Research

The Renfrew Center Foundation, established in 1990, is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization. The Foundation aims to increase awareness of eating disorders as a public health issue by educating policy makers to take action to remove barriers to treatment and by conducting research into the pathology and recovery patterns of people with eating disorders.

Our Mission

The Renfrew Center Foundation is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization advancing eating disorders education, prevention, research, advocacy, and treatment.

The Renfrew Center Foundation Programs

Research indicates that eating disorders represent the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses and are among the most difficult to treat. The Renfrew Center Foundation has accepted the challenge to fight the devastating effects of these disorders on individuals and families through the following programs:

Professional Training

To date, the Foundation has trained over 50,000 clinicians, dietitians, medical providers and mental health professionals. In addition, the Foundation publishes Perspectives, a free, bi-annual journal with articles of particular interest to those in the field and offers numerous webinars on a variety of topics.


Renfrew is dedicated to contributing to the expanding knowledge base of the eating disorders professional community through ongoing exploration of the etiology, maintaining factors and approaches to treating eating disorders. Committed to addressing the research-practice gap, the research team focuses on the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based treatments and measuring the impact of treatment interventions. Our research team’s findings are shared at academic and professional conferences and in peer-reviewed journals and treatment manuals.


The Renfrew Center Foundation is a founding organization and Board Member of the Eating Disorders Coalition for Research, Policy & Action, a cooperative of nonprofits dedicated to working on behalf of people with eating disorders, their families and professionals. The Coalition works at the federal level to increase recognition of eating disorders as a public health priority and commits to funding research-based prevention and treatment.


The Annual Renfrew Center Foundation Conference for Professionals has been recognized as one of the premier eating disorders conferences in the country since it first convened in 1991. Held every fall, the Conference hosts hundreds of professionals from around the United States and abroad, providing a forum for in-depth exploration of clinical practice in addition to presentation of pertinent data and information in the eating disorders field.

Financial Aid

The Renfrew Center Foundation is committed to helping individuals on the road to recovery by providing financial assistance to those who might otherwise not be able to access treatment. The Foundation is supported financially by private donations as well as by funding from The Renfrew Center.

I want to thank you, on behalf of myself and my family, for the scholarship you provided our daughter, Krista. The Renfrew Center Foundation’s compassion and understanding of Krista’s need for help, and its decision to provide the financial support for residential care was the greatest gift we could have received during one of our darkest times.

-The Wehying Family

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