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Nutrition Counseling

Emotional Awareness, Variety, Education, and Balance

We help patients overcome difficult emotions associated with beliefs about food, weight and size by eliminating the socially constructed “good” and “bad” labels often assigned to foods and by examining how all foods can fit into a value-driven life. The basic structure of Renfrew’s nutrition program was adopted from USDA guidelines and has been modified to meet the nutritional needs of the eating disordered population.

Thinking About Treatment?

The Renfrew Center’s Approach to Nutrition

Renfrew’s nutrition philosophy is embedded within our Unified Treatment Model, and our nutrition program is designed to treat every type of eating disorder. Whether patients are struggling with binge eating, avoiding certain foods, purging, or a combination of these behaviors, they will benefit from learning to eat balanced, basic meals and snacks daily.

Emotional Awareness

We believe that eating disorders are emotional disorders; therefore, our goal is to teach patients how to eat food and cope with it emotionally. Increasing emotional awareness, acceptance and tolerance is key in helping to gradually reduce and eliminate all eating disorder symptoms.


Our dietitians work with patients to explore the influences in food choices including societal views, values or ethical principles with a goal of maximizing health and variety. We accommodate patients with medical conditions such as diabetes, celiac disease, gastric bypass, food allergies, as well as vegetarians and those with special religious requests such as kosher and halal.


Patients leave Renfrew with a thorough understanding of their nutritional needs and confidence in planning well-balanced meals for themselves at home. Using the principles of exposure, groups for grocery shopping, after meal support, eating out, cooking, and family nutrition education, prepare them to continue recovery at home and achieve sustainable change.


We believe in educating patients to understand the importance of well-balanced nutrition and offer sound nutrition information. This includes encouraging them to enjoy desserts and higher fat foods and detangling socially constructed messages that equate food, weight and size with morality. Our well-trained nutrition therapists collaborate closely with a team of other eating disorder specialists to provide expert patient care.

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