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Creative Arts Therapy

Art Therapy – Dance Therapy – Psychodrama

The Creative Arts programs at Renfrew are led by therapists specifically trained to facilitate experiences that use a patient’s inherent strengths as building blocks for their growth. Creative Arts Therapy recognizes the connections between the symbolic and the actual, helping individuals link the two to improve the healing process.

See how Creative Arts Therapy helps individuals recover by letting them tell their own stories.

Dance/Movement Therapy

Dance/Movement Therapy is a powerful way for individuals to explore their relationship to their bodies and connect with others in a safe space. For those who need a way to access feelings and sensations and form less adversarial relationships with their bodies, Dance/Movement Therapy can help them discover the connection between the therapeutic experience and how they “move through life.”


Psychodrama provides participants with opportunities to gain insight into situations that are problematic through the process of dramatic enactments and other action methods. Patterns and behaviors that once served a good purpose may need to be transformed to meet the needs of current situations. The process of making choices, and representing and recreating an experience to gain understanding, take form in Psychodrama.

The most helpful thing, for me, in treatment here at Renfrew was hands-down the Art Therapy program. It was a way for me to let go and express my emotions visually. The first week I was there, I didn’t speak at all. I was lacking the words. I was too scared to say these things. I felt safer putting them down on paper. When I came out of Renfrew, I went back to art school. I got my BFA and then my MFA and this is what I do now. It all started because of the confidence I got at Renfrew.

Aimee G.
Philadelphia, PA

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) provides patients with individual and therapeutic group activities to support patients in the transition back to their roles, routines, habits, and daily activities. Using exposure therapy, OT supports patients in their recovery journeys to regain autonomy and control of their lives.

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