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In the Media | How to promote body positivity, navigate diet culture

By: Victoria Sanchez
Published By: ABC 7 News| On Your Side

Images of diet culture continue to fill social media feeds with tricks to lose weight fast, edited photos to show thinness and videos of people working out at the gym. Health experts say body types vary and being thin does not equal being healthy.

Over the past few weeks, diet culture went from timelines to headlines. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow revealed her daily eating habits, or lack thereof, as she described a diet consisting of coffee and bone broth.

In a body positivity post, Karol G called GQ Mexico magazine “disrespectful” for editing her cover photo, making the singers face look gaunt and body appear thinner.

“This is extremely pervasive and really impacting people throughout their lives,” said Erin Birely with The Renfrew Center

It’s easy to blame social media for perpetuating diet culture, but it is isn’t going away. Birely says it’s a good time for parents to model positive behavior, and offers tips on where to start.

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