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In the Media | Highly Restrictive Diets like Keto and Whole30 are Unnecessary, Experts Say

Published by: The Messenger
Written By: Hannah Yasharoff

The concept of removing entire food groups from your diet was conceptualized by doctors for people who have allergies or other health conditions, and who can be helped by eliminating certain foods. But some trendy diets, like Whole30 and keto, also eliminate food groups, and may cut out some healthy foods along with unhealthy ones. 

While it’s normal to seek out healthier foods in January after a month of holiday celebrations, overcorrecting by cutting out entire food groups isn’t the answer, dietitian Jamie Nadeau, R.D., tells The Messenger.  

“The best thing you can do after the holidays are over is resume your normal eating habits and routine,” she adds. “Many people notice that after following Whole30, they feel better. Because they feel better, they assume it’s the fact that they cut out a bunch of foods through the diet. In reality, for most people, the reason they feel better is because they’re eating a better quality diet in general: more fruits and vegetables, less processed foods, less sugar. That can be achieved through a normal diet too. You don’t have to cut out entire food groups to feel better through healthier eating.”

Nadeau also warns about misinformation online surrounding diets like Whole30 — there are plenty of accounts on social media that promote these diets who aren’t registered dietitians. 

“Very often, the people who are promoting diets like Whole30 aren’t people who are qualified to be giving nutrition advice,” she says. 

Most elimination diets are meant to be prescribed by doctors due to an allergy or other medical condition, Erin Birley, LCPC, alumni services coordinator at eating disorder treatment facility The Renfrew Center, tells The Messenger. 

They can be drastic, and therefore often not sustainable for others who hope cutting out carbs, sweets or other food groups will help them lose weight. 

Read the full article here. 

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