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In the Media | Discussing eating disorders with Dr. Samantha DeCaro, The Renfrew Center

Published by: Just a Mom Podcast
Interview With: Susie Gurley

Just a Mom

Introduction: In this episode of the Just a Mom podcast, we explore eating disorders with Dr. Samantha DeCaro, a licensed clinical psychologist. Dr. DeCaro discusses the prevalence, causes, and prevention of eating disorders, touching on the complex relationship with mental health, anxiety, and depression.

Pandemic’s Impact on Eating Disorders:

  • Isolation during the pandemic contributed to eating disorders.

  • Increase in social media use, body dissatisfaction, and comparison.

  • Food insecurity, anxiety, grief, and loss as triggering factors.

Factors Contributing to Eating Disorders:

  • Social media’s role in body image dissatisfaction.

  • Challenging myths about who can have an eating disorder.

  • Awareness efforts lead to increased diagnoses.

Difference Between Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating:

  • Eating disorders as complex psychiatric disorders.

  • Disordered eating exists on a spectrum, ranging from clinical disorders to healthy relationships with food.

Promoting Healthy Attitudes in Children:

  • Importance of language around food and body image.

  • Teaching that all bodies come in different shapes and sizes.

  • Encouraging connection with body signals and cues.

And More!

Listen to the full episode here. 

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