For You

You may be suffering with an eating disorder, not just in silence, but also in isolation. At The Renfrew Center, you are no longer alone. We offer a nurturing environment that allows you the time and space to discover your own truth and find your own voice. The community at Renfrew values your feelings, appreciates your needs and will support and empower you to learn the skills required to recover from your eating disorder. 

Click the videos below to hear Renfrew alumni share their recovery stories:


At Renfrew, we have the greatest respect for those who have the courage to acknowledge they need help and support of a healing community. We specialize in empowering adolescent and adult females, transgender and gender non-binary individuals at all levels of care. We will match you with the appropriate level of care specifically designed to engage you in evidence-based practices to maximize a full and lasting recovery.



“Renfrew saved my life. It gave me the tools to succeed at recovery and build a life better than one I’ve ever had before.”

“Renfrew addressed my eating disorder on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.”

"My experience at Renfrew was not only miraculous, it was completely transformational."

"With such a healing environment and highly trained staff, I left healthier and happier than I had ever been."