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Residential COVID-19 Prevention Efforts (Philadelphia – Spring Lane & Coconut Creek, FL)

The Renfrew Center of
Philadelphia – Spring Lane, PA
The Renfrew Center of
Coconut Creek, FL

It is clear to us that the coronavirus is a constantly evolving public health threat and is of major concern to most Americans. The Renfrew Center is committed to taking any and all steps to protect its patients and staff from contracting this illness.

We developed a COVID-19 Task Force that has been working diligently to ensure that this absence of contagion in our facilities continues.

Our residential prevention efforts at The Renfrew Centers of Philadelphia – Spring Lane, PA and Coconut Creek, FL include:

  • Screening all potential patients for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Testing all patients on the day of admission for COVID-19. 
  • Allowing only 2 supports to participate in the day of admission process. 
  • Reporting that more than 95% of The Renfrew Center staff are vaccinated. 
  • Having medical grade HEPA filters in communal spaces including dining and group rooms. 
  • Permitting no visitors in the buildings. Only patients, family members participating in family therapy, and essential medical staff are allowed in the residence buildings. All deliveries must be received outside.
  • Educating and re-educating current patients and staff about hand and respiratory hygiene and social distancing.
  • Continuing implementation of increased attention to hand hygiene before meals and snacks is in effect.
  • All residents are required to use hand sanitizer before entering the dining room and going through the food line.
  • Residents are required to wash their hands before starting any group involving food.
  • Upgrading the methods and materials for cleaning our facility each night and throughout the day, to augment the hygiene measures that have always been a priority of our janitorial teams.
  • Supporting family connections with family therapy sessions, visitation hours and Family Day. 
    • The Renfrew Center of Florida allows up to 4 visitors per patient for in-person visitation twice a week.
    • The Renfrew Center of Philadelphia-Spring Lane allows up to 3 visitors per patient once a week.
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