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Committed to the Journey

By: Sarah R., Renfrew Alumna

My eating disorder story started when I was fifteen, and fourteen years later, I decided enough was enough. I decided on my own that I wanted to get better and sought out treatment to improve my quality of life and relationship with food.

My eating disorder has always thrived in secrecy, and it was incredibly challenging at first to share openly with others. However, it became clear to me that once I started talking, my eating disorder started to lose some of its power over my life.

I have started to gain more awareness and have become curious. I spend time on myself each day and when I feel guilty and sad, I try to challenge the negative self-talk. It has been difficult to make these changes, but with guidance and support, the uncomfortable feelings have become more comfortable. I can finally hear the voice inside my head becoming louder and stronger than the eating disorder’s voice.

I have learned the road to recovery isn’t linear, and it is one that will take me years. It’s not like the flu where one day you’re sick, and the next day you are better. It’s a long road that ebbs and flows. Even though every day is a battle, I can trust myself more than ever before, and I am committed to this journey. I will not give up on myself.

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