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The Renfrew Center of New York City has MOVED!


Making Peace With Your Body (Video)

Presented by:

Adrienne Ressler, LMSW,

CEDS-S, F.iaedp
Vice President, Professional Development,
The Renfrew Center Foundation

Moderated by:

Erin Birely, LCPC
Alumni Services Coordinator,
The Renfrew Center

From the moment of birth, infants begin a relationship with their bodies and take delight in each journey of discovery and exploration. The language of the body is our first language – babies use non-verbal signals and sounds that communicate their needs to those closest to them. The body never loses its power to inform, express and connect, yet, many individuals who have been wounded emotionally or spiritually often detach from their emotions and body sensations when they are unable to find a vehicle for expression.

This webinar helps attendees recognize the importance of the body as an essential element for lasting change and provides methods and experiential activities to aid in becoming “unstuck” from the negative rituals and beliefs that fuel their eating disorder.

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