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Sunshine and Self-Care: A Summer Recovery Workshop

Sunshine and Self-Care: A Summer Recovery Workshop

Wednesday, July 17, 2024 • 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Free | Virtual & In-Person Events
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Hosted by The Renfrew Center

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“Self-care” is everywhere! It’s a buzz word found in social media posts, on advertisements, and in our everyday cultural vernacular. But self-care is more than a trend. It is an essential process, by which we engage in activities that support our well-being.

The Renfrew Center invites you to join us for an interactive workshop where we will explore the pillars of self-care, what self-care may look like in recovery, and how to navigate these summer months with awareness and tools.  

Attendees will:

  • Participate in a discussion focused on barriers to self-care in the summer months and in eating disorder recovery.  
  • Learn the four different pillars of self-care: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 
  • Discover how to prioritize self-care in eating disorder recovery in the summer.  
  • Define accessible steps to experience the summer months with energy, clarity, and activities that we enjoy. 

Both in-person and virtual workshops are available on Wednesday, July 17th.


In-Person Workshop Registration:

Atlanta, GA

Boston, MA

Charlotte, NC

Nashville, TN

Orlando, FL


A simple snack will be provided. 

Virtual Workshop Registration:

Virtual attendees will need access to wi-fi, and a device with a camera, microphone and audio capabilities. 

*We are also hosting additional in-person workshops on Tuesday, July 16th. To view these workshops, please click here.

For questions, please contact [email protected].

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