Embodied Exercise Practices

The Renfrew Center views embodied exercise practices as one part of overall wellness and recovery from an eating disorder. We understand that everyone has a unique individualized relationship to exercise and movement, and we encourage the exploration of it in one’s life.

Our philosophy supports exploring joyful exercise practices that are life-enhancing, which means moving one’s body in a way that feels good and without the motivation to change one’s size, shape or weight. Using principles of The Renfrew Center Unified Treatment Model for Eating Disorders®, we seek to increase cognitive flexibility and explore intention around movement.

Therapeutic Group Themes

  • Defining and Exploring Physical Activity
  • Reflecting on Physical Activity Motivation
  • Connecting Between Intention and Action
  • Exploring Values with Physical Activity
  • Exploring Side Effects and Benefits of Physical Activity

Sensing the Self • Supporting the Self • Strengthening the Self

Renfrew’s approach to exercise programming is standardized across all sites and levels of care.

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