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21 Best Learning Resources for Eating Disorders & Recovery [Updated for 2022]

Learning about eating disorders is the first step on the journey to recovery for those who are struggling and is also crucial for loved ones wanting to provide support.

To help arm you with reliable resources, The Renfrew Center has gathered some of our favorite body image, self-esteem, self-help, and eating disorder research websites and organized them alphabetically.


  • About Face
    About-Face arms girls with the knowledge and tools they need to fight back against a culture that diminishes and disempowers them.
  • Academy for Eating Disorders
    Founded in 1993, the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) helps physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, academic researchers, students and experts through lived experience connect and collaborate with each other and keep abreast of recent developments in eating disorders research.
  • Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness
    The National Alliance for Eating Disorders is the leading nonprofit organization dedicated to the outreach, education, early intervention, support, and advocacy for all eating disorders.
  • Association for Women in Psychology
    The Association for Women in Psychology (AWP) is an interdisciplinary organization that attends to issues and concerns at the intersections of feminism and psychology.
  • Body Image Movement
    Founded in 2012, the Body Image Movement is on a mission to end the global body-hating epidemic by inspiring people to embrace their bodies through documentaries, books, online programs, speaking and educational resources.
  • Crisis Text Line
    Crisis Text Line provides free, 24/7, high-quality text-based mental health support and crisis intervention by empowering a community of trained volunteers to support people in their moments of need.
  • Diabulimia Helpline
    Founded in 2009, the Diabulimia Helpline is the world’s first 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to education, support, and advocacy for people with diabetes and eating disorders, and their loved ones.
  • Eating Disorder Hope
    Eating Disorder Hope’s mission is to offer hope, information, and resources to individual eating disorder sufferers, their family members, and treatment providers. The organization began with the help and advice of colleagues, professors, and other organizations specializing in eating disorders.
    Nemours Children’s Health is committed to transforming the health of children by going beyond medicine to improve the health of the world in which every child lives.
  • My Secret Life with an Eating Disorder (Podcast)
    This podcast is hosted by Maureen Kritzer-Lange, MSW, LCSW, a Psychoanalyst specializing in eating disorders (The Queen of Self Esteem and creator of the Don’t Trust the Mirror Movement). Maureen shares her personal story of her struggles with an eating disorder growing up – she lived it, she breathed it and now she has the courage to talk about it.
  • Multi-service Eating Disorders Association
    MEDA provides education about eating disorders and their underlying causes to develop a compassionate community that promotes hopefulness and supports healing. They offer a variety of services to support individuals and loved ones through the various stages of their journey.
  • MyED Help
    MyEDHelp is dedicated to helping individuals cultivate hope, healing and empowerment in recovery. It also features free information on eating disorders, chat rooms and interviews with experts in the field.
  • National Eating Disorders Association
    The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by eating disorders. NEDA supports individuals and families affected by eating disorders, and serves as a catalyst for prevention, cures and access to quality care.
  • National Institute of Mental Health
    A federal government website that details information about eating disorders and has links to other information on mental health issues and grant opportunities.


  • Recovery Warriors
    Recovery Warriors is dedicated to boosting the emotional intelligence and resilience of people struggling with depression, anxiety and eating disorders.
  • The Body Positive
    The Body Positive was founded in 1996 because of the shared passion to create a lively, healing community that offers freedom from suffocating societal messages that keep people in a perpetual struggle with their bodies.
  • The Jed Foundation
    The Jed Foundation (JED) is a nonprofit that protects emotional health and prevents suicide for our nation’s teens and young adults, giving them the skills and support they need to thrive today…and tomorrow.
  • The Joy Project
    The Joy Project is a non-profit organization that aims to empower people with eating disorders by providing real-world, workable strategies and tools for recovery. They provide support, conduct research, and represent the survivor voice in the greater eating disorder advocacy community.
  • The Renfrew Center
    The Renfrew Center has been the pioneer in the treatment of eating disorders since 1985, with a core focus of empowering women to change their lives. As the nation’s first residential eating disorder facility, Renfrew has helped more than 100,000 adolescent girls, women, transgender, and non-binary individuals move towards recovery by providing them with the tools they need to succeed in recovery and in life.

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