For Professionals

The Renfrew Center works closely with referring therapists and other healthcare professionals to create a thorough, personalized treatment plan for your patient. When you refer to Renfrew, you can feel confident in knowing that your patient will receive the highest quality care from compassionate staff comprised of leaders in the eating disorders field. We are always interested in your feedback and welcome your collaboration, both throughout your patient’s treatment at Renfrew and after she is returned to you for ongoing care.

“It is reassuring to me, as a solo practitioner, to be able to partner with an institution like The Renfrew Center to provide the full spectrum of services when the proverbial higher level of care is indicated.” 

“Since 1985, the Renfrew Center has provided excellent and comprehensive services to both my clients and to me.”

"The communication at Renfrew between the therapist who treats each patient and her outpatient therapist is exceptional."