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Family Testimonial: What a Difficult Time You Are Going Through With Your Child

What a difficult time you are going through with your child. My wife and I have been in your shoes. First, be aware, reading through the reviews can be very discouraging. But as we found out, most of the reviews are done by clients who did not have success.

Our experience with The Renfrew Center was amazing. The staff truly cares for your child. I promise, they will do everything possible for your child to succeed. However, success with beating an eating disorder not only depends on a successful center, but the child and the parents.

Renfrew was our second attempt at beating ED. The first time, my wife and I relied on another ED center to “fix” our daughter. It was not their fault our daughter had a relapse.

I believe to be successful it not only takes a great team of skilled and caring professionals, but a dedicated child who wants to get better, followed by parents who will turn the world upside down to make it happen.

In our daughter’s first attempt at beating ED, My wife and I continued with life as normal. After all, our insurance company was paying a great deal of money to the professionals to “fix” our daughter. However, she not only needed to be fixed, but more importantly, she needed a home support staff who really understood what she is going through.

The first attempt my wife and I (and more me then her) blew it. For your child to recover, both parents must be 100% involved in her recovery. Recovering from ED goes against everything you think you know about parenting.

Fathers, this disease is literally killing your daughter. Please dedicate your life to assisting and understanding what your daughter is going through. It sucks and it’s hard! What you think is teenage rebellion is not. What you think is ED can be teenage rebellion. Divorce does not matter. Mend the fence with your ex-wife and concentrate on your child’s recovery.

Please understand, I do not have all the answers. Currently, our daughter’s trajectory is trending upwards, but at any point that can change. However, I promise you she has two parents who will turn the world upside down to continue to assist her in her recovery.

One counselor at Renfrew explained it to us that facing ED is harder than living with ED. No truer words have been spoken. Facing ED will turn your world in to chaos, and ignoring ED, life can seem normal. But remember, it is the opposite for your child. Living with ED your child is in a dark and very lonely place. Facing ED, your child has hope!

To protect our daughter, I am writing the endorsement of The Renfrew Center anonymously. However, The Renfrew Center has my contact information should you want to speak with me personally. I’m praying for you as you go through this difficult time with your child.

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