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Family Support Group: Philadelphia – Spring Lane, PA

Family Support Group

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For families and supports of current patients at The Renfrew Center of Philadelphia – Spring Lane, PA only.

Recovery Is a Team Effort

We have found that those in a supportive role often want to be helpful and knowledgeable in their efforts, but do not know where to begin. Families often find themselves feeling powerless and overcome with fear, shame and confusion as their loved one embarks on recovery. In Renfrew’s Family Support Group, you will have an opportunity to meet and connect with other group members who have the lived experience of supporting a loved one in residential treatment. An eating disorder therapist will provide guidance, answer questions, and help group members navigate the unique challenges that arise during the treatment process. Using evidence-based concepts from Renfrew’s Unified Treatment Model, we aim to not only treat the eating disorder, but also to enhance the emotional connection and communication between you and your loved one.

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