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5 Tips to Keep Yourself Mentally Healthy

  • Check Your Intentions
    Before committing to or rejecting plans, ask yourself why you are making the decision. The purpose is to ensure your choices are moving you towards your goals and values and not away from them.
  • Find Ways to Connect
    Get creative with connection—set up a socially distanced picnic, organize a game night over Zoom or attend a virtual book club.
  • Keep Therapy Going
    While it may be easier to miss an appointment or feel like nothing is “going on” that we need to talk about, therapeutic support in infinitely helpful in maintaining recovery.
  • Maintain Boundaries
    In a virtual world, it is easier than ever to continue working after our day has ended. Set a time limit to shut down the computer, tune into the people around you and take care of yourself.
  • Disconnect from Social Media
    Set at least an hour each day to disconnect from your phone. Instead, read a book, play with your pet, explore outside, or tend to plants.
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