The Renfrew Center Eating Disorder Treatment Facility


First in Eating Disorders

Since 1985, The Renfrew Centers have been providing clinical excellence within a nurturing environment  empowering adolescent girls and women to change their lives.

The Renfrew Center Eating Disorder Treatment Adolescent Program

Adolescent Program

The Renfrew Center recognizes that the onset of difficulties with eating often occurs during adolescence. Because adolescence is a unique developmental period, that carries with it its own needs and challenges, Renfrew has created specific programming for teens to address the age-specific issues associated with this developmental phase. 

The Renfrew Center’s Adolescent Program:

  • Helps adolescent girls address the connection between their eating disorder and the challenges of this developmental stage. 
  • Recognizes that eating disorder symptoms in adolescents are often linked to concerns about independence, academics, social relationships, family difficulties and, for many, the physical changes associated with maturation.
  • Provides interventions and support services which may include groups and activities covering educational and academic concerns, peer and relationship issues, sexuality and body image. Adolescent patients may also participate in age-specific experiential programming such as art-therapy and dance movement therapy.
  • Allows adolescents to integrate with the general adult community and participate in groups designed for both teens and adults in addition to the age-specific groups and support services. This allows them to benefit from the experience and support of the more mature residents.

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 For more information about The Renfrew Center's Adolescent Program,
 please call 1-800-RENFREW (736-3739).