The Renfrew Center Eating Disorder Treatment Facility


First in Eating Disorders

Since 1985, The Renfrew Centers have been providing clinical excellence within a nurturing environment  empowering adolescent girls and women to change their lives.

Renfrew Residential Eating Disorder Treatment Center


An Intensive & Comprehensive Program

The Residential Treatment Program is The Renfrew Center’s most comprehensive, structured and intensive level of care, designed to help women struggling with eating disorders alleviate their symptoms, address their underlying issues and plan for their ongoing treatment needs. The Residential Program creates a community of adolescents, women and supportive professionals, where relationships are developed based on mutual sharing and support. The Renfrew community is designed to increase and inspire a renewed sense of strength and determination in its residents and decrease the shame, secrecy and isolation that so often perpetuate symptoms.

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At The Renfrew Center’s Residential Program:

  • The nurturing treatment environment provides both the necessary structure and support to help residents stabilize medically, change problematic behaviors and normalize eating behaviors.
  • Patients learn to use their connection to the treatment team and the patient community in order to take the necessary risks to change their eating disorder behaviors. This two-fold focus, connection and change, is a key characteristic of the Renfrew approach.
  • Each resident is encouraged to openly discuss her symptoms, struggles and successes in therapeutic groups and informal social interactions. 
  • Specialized treatment tracks for co-occurring disorders include Trauma and Substance Use, for both adolescents and women in midlife. 
  • Patients are helped to re-establish nutritional and physical health. By focusing on the reduction of eating disorder symptoms and behaviors, the program also helps patients to improve emotional stability.
  • Nutrition incorporates three basic meal plans and modifies those meal plans based on caloric and diet necessities (i.e. patients with diabetes, celiac disease, gastric bypass, food allergies, vegetarians and special religious requests - Kosher) as needed.
  • Individualized treatment goals are developed in collaboration with a multidisciplinary treatment team and referring professionals. Medical care is available on-site and consists of 24 hour nursing care and physician availability, laboratory and pharmacy services, a full time medical practitioner, most non-acute medical services and availability of a local emergency room in a medical hospital for cases that need more urgent and acute medical care.
  • Psychotherapy groups focus on topics such as family patterns, belief systems, body image and nutrition to help participants develop insights and enhance their adaptive coping skills. Each woman is helped to understand her physical and psychological needs in order to participate in her recovery process and develop new relationships based on mutual sharing and support.
  • In addition to the group therapy program, individual and family therapy are integral parts of the Residential Treatment Program. Renfrew’s Family Weekends also provide further opportunities for family involvement and education.


Click the videos below to hear Renfrew alumni share their recovery stories: