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Family-Owned, Patient-Focused: The Renfrew Center Difference


Renfrew Conference Mini-Series Episode 4: Our Hair, Our Heads, & Our Hearts: Hair Stories & Eating Disorder Recovery, Part 2

Body image disturbance and body image dissatisfaction are hallmark features of most clinical eating disorders and body image work can be a crucial component of treatment. Are “Hair Stories” the missing piece of body image and emotional work? Margo Maine PhD, FAED, CEDS and Charlece (“Charlie”) Bishop, MS, LMFT believe there’s a clear connection between our hair, our heads, and our hearts. As mental health providers, how do we uncover these hair stories in sessions and why do they help people heal? To find out these answers, we got the highlights from their fascinating presentation: The Language of Hair: Multicultural Perspectives.

Please note, Part 2 features Charlece (“Charlie”) Bishop, MS, LMFT and Part 1 Margo Maine, PhD, FAED, CEDS.

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