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Renfrew Conference Mini-Series Episode 1: Asian Identified University Students and Eating Disorders

The college environment can be a challenging time for any young adult. Life transitions, changes to routines, and academic pressure can create the perfect storm for the development of an eating disorder. Asian identified university students are especially vulnerable as they navigate unique barriers, risk factors, and minority stressors on top of it all. Despite the fact that an eating disorder can happen to any race or ethnicity, Asian populations continue to be under-represented in research and in the development of assessment tools & therapeutic modalities.

Join us for this important conversation with our guests Dr. Dani Gonzales, PsyD; Tiffany Nakamura, LPCC, LMHC & Jo Jo Lee, LPCC, NCC as they share the highlights of their presentation: Within Our Reach: Navigating Eating Disorders with Asian Identified University Students.

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