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Episode 9: Let’s Get ‘Comfortably Uncomfortable’: Cultural Humility in Eating Disorder Treatment with Paula Edwards-Gayfield

Paula Edwards-Gayfield

Paula Edwards-Gayfield, Regional Assistant Vice President, LCMHCS, LPC, CEDS-S (she/her) for The Renfrew Center, explains the ways in which eating disorder signs and symptoms may present differently for BIPOC individuals, including an in-depth conversation about subclinical presentations and the much lesser known OSFED diagnosis.

Paula explains the difference between cultural competence, cultural awareness, and cultural humility, while discussing the various reasons why marginalized populations continue to be misdiagnosed, underdiagnosed, and insufficiently treated. Paula discusses her advocacy work on diversity, equality, and inclusion, which involves facilitating support groups, interactive networking events, trainings, and peer consultation for medical and mental health providers.

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