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Family-Owned, Patient-Focused: The Renfrew Center Difference


Episode 27: Eating Disorder Support is Available for Everybody: A Conversation on Treatment and Care with Queer and TGNC Folx

Join Ashley and Sam as they speak with Hannah Coakley (they/them), a Queer, non-binary RDN, who specializes in supporting Queer and TGNC clients through recovery from eating disorders and/or disordered eating from a trauma-informed, body affirming and anti-racist framework.

H shares about their experiences that led them to the work they do and discusses important factors such as food activism, availability, insecurity, and policy. H also shares about the spectrum of body dysmorphia and body dysphoria, as well as importance of competence of care when working with an individual identifying as Queer or TGNC.

For more information on H, check out their Instagram @pandowellness or their website

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