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Episode 26: Art, Photography, and Experiential Work: A Discussion About One Way to Creatively Approach Body Image

The conversation of learning how to live with our physical bodies will be ever going. Gina Graham is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has more than 20 years of experience in the field of mental health and eating disorders.

Join us for this discussion of one-way Gina decided to help her clients take back their voice. Gina reflects in this episode that she has primarily worked with female adolescents and adults and has found that shifting the language about the body and viewing oneself as a piece of art has allowed her clients to experience creative expression and a freedom of cultural expectations. Gina discusses using photography as a therapeutic tool to help in this process and compiled various excerpts with her client’s permission into her book, Body Beautiful: How Changing the Conversation About Our Bodies Has the Power to Change the World.

For more information about Gina, visit her website at and her Instagram @LifeLensAndLove.

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