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Episode 24: The Powerful Megan Jayne Crabbe: Her Path to Body Positivity

Body Positive Content Creator, Best-selling Author and Presenter, Megan Jayne Crabbe (she/her/hers) joins Ashley and Sam for this empowering story of healing and transformation. Megan bravely uncovers the darkest depths of her anorexia diagnosis and illuminates the body positive path that quite literally saved her life. Megan shares how the body positive community, her supportive circle, and numerous resources helped her embrace her body, reject diet culture, and live a life of authentic happiness.

If you’re wrestling with society’s unrealistic and unattainable ideals, this episode will help you discover the Body Positive Power within you. You can find more information about Megan by visiting her on Instagram @meganjaynecrabbe or her website.

Additionally, the children’s book referenced during the episode was “We All Belong” by Nathalie and Alex Goss.

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