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Episode 14: Channeling Energy Toward Change: An Inspiring Conversation with Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence

You won’t want to miss this vulnerable episode with mommy, entrepreneur, podcaster, former model, and NEDA brand ambassador Iskra Lawrence (she/her/hers). Iskra courageously shares the impactful story of her teenage and young adult years, including the toxic influence the media and the fashion industry had on her mental health and her relationship with food and her body. By refusing to retouch her images and ceaselessly educating industry executives, Iskra channeled her drive, focus, and determination to disrupt the status quo of the modeling world.

Iskra opens up about the unique physical and psychological challenges she experienced as a new mother at the height of the pandemic and what it took to cope with the extreme changes and transitions she and her partner Philip (he/him/his) faced in the midst of COVID lockdown. Find out what ultimately helped her find peace with food, reset her thinking, and prioritize her self-care. Check out more on Iskra and her journey through her Instagram @iskra

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