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Are You Struggling With Orthorexia Nervosa?

This interactive quiz is designed to help you reflect on your eating behaviors, beliefs about health, and your relationship with food.

Disclaimer: The ‘Orthorexia’ quiz can only give results based on the questions asked. It relies on your answers, but it’s important to note that these results are for information and education only. They don’t replace professional evaluations or treatment by a qualified medical professional. If you think you need professional help, please reach out as soon as possible.

Do you restrict foods or entire food groups that are deemed “unhealthy” or “bad”?
Do you avoid restaurants, social events, or foods prepared by others if the food or ingredients don’t seem healthy enough?
Do you spend inordinate amounts of time buying, preparing, meal planning, researching and/or cooking foods?
Do you obsess about only eating “clean,” organic, “whole,” “pure,” and/or unprocessed foods?
Have you become preoccupied with “gut health”, food allergies, inflammation and/or intolerances, without having a medical issue or diagnosis?
Do you fear that eating even small amounts of certain foods will result in a serious health issue?
Do you frequently consume products that claim to “detox,” “boost,” “purify,” or “cleanse” the system?
Do you experience symptoms of anxiety, OCD, and/or depression?
Have you experienced medical issues such as a low heart rate, dizziness, weight loss and/or thinning hair?
Do you experience intense anxiety, distress, guilt, shame, and/or fear associated with consuming “unhealthy” food?

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