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In the Media | Yes, What You Think About How You Look Affects Your Health and Well-Being

Written by: Moira Lawler
Medically reviewed by: Allison Young, MD
Published by: Everyday Health

When and Why Body Image Issues Lead to Eating Disorders

A negative body image may lead to unhealthy and dangerous behaviors, including those associated with eating disorders.

“Our thoughts directly impact our emotional experiences, including our bodily sensations, urges, and behaviors,” says Samantha DeCaro, PsyD, the Director of Clinical Outreach and Education at The Renfrew Center in Philadelphia, a residential eating disorder treatment facility. “Negative self-talk about the body often precedes harmful behaviors such as chronic dieting, isolating, restricting, overexercising, or bingeing and purging.”

It’s important to note that eating disorders are usually multifactorial. Biological, psychological, and sociocultural variables can all play a role.

It’s also worth noting that body dissatisfaction has been identified as one of the most common contributors to eating disorders.

This link has been well-documented in peer-reviewed scientific studies.

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