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In the Media | WGNS Focuses on Eating Disorders

Published by: WGNS Radio

First Half of Show: Today, WGNS’ Scott Walker spoke to the new Executive Director of the Center for Migration Studies. His guest was C. Mario Russell, who discussed immigration issues that impact millions of people around the country. He also talked about outdated policies, the number of documented persons vs. undocumented and more.

Second Half of the Show: Our guest on the second potion of today’s program was Emily Maguire, LMSW, with the Renfrew Center. The Renfrew Center was established in 1985 and has helped more than 100,000 individuals with eating disorders and more. They have facilities in Pennsylvania and Florida. They are a specialized treatment facility that is unique to the field. They also have 17-outpatient sites, with one in the Nashville area of Middle Tennessee. To learn more, call (800) 736-3739.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

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