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In the Media | For Those with Eating Disorders, Ozempic can be a Triggering Nightmare

Written by: Brittany Wong
Published By: Huffpost

Photo of Ozempic

The nonstop TV ads for Ozempic ― a diabetes medication that has off-label use as a weight loss drug ― are plenty annoying: “Oh, oh, oh, Ozempic!” the unnervingly upbeat TV spot goes, sampling the 1970s classic-rock hit “Magic.”

For some people who’ve dealt with eating disorders, the TV spots ― along with suspected celebrity use and media coverage that some feel glamorize the drug ― aren’t merely annoying; it’s all been emotionally triggering. In some cases, talk of Ozempic is pushing those in recovery one step closer to relapse.

“The ease and availability of both Ozempic and Wegovy have given me pause and made me doubt my recovery journey,” said Becca, a 26-year-old from Ontario, Canada, who’s suffered from disordered eating for years.

It doesn’t help that the dialogue around Ozempic just so happens to dovetail with the dialogue about buccal fat removal and the dialogue around Gwyneth Paltrow’s highly restrictive “daily wellness” diet that seems more dangerous than nourishing.

“Weight loss drugs may result in changes in weight but do not address the emotional and psychological aspects that contribute to disordered eating. Weight loss will not ‘cure’ an eating disorder,” said Ashley Moser, a clinical education specialist at The Renfrew Center, an eating disorder treatment program in Philadelphia.

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