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In the Media | Eating Disorders: Signs, Symptoms, Social Media, & Support Systems

Hosted by: Sadie Sutton
Published by: She Persisted: Your Teen Mental Health Resource

Eating Disorders: Signs, Symptoms, Social Media, & Support Systems feat. Dr. Sam DeCaro

She Persisted is THE teen mental health podcast—made for teens, by a teen. In each episode, Sadie brings you authentic, accessible, relatable conversations about every aspect of mental wellness.

Today’s guest is Dr. Sam Decaro – a licensed psychologist who provides individual, family, and couples therapy. Dr. DeCaro also served as an Assistant Clinical Director at The Renfrew Center for Eating Disorders and currently shares her eating disorder expertise as a writer and speaker. In this episode, we discuss common risk factors for eating disorders, signs that someone may be developing an eating disorder, ways that parents and loved ones can support someone with an eating disorder, how social media can affect body image and contribute to eating disorders, common eating disorder myths, and eating disorder resources that people can turn to for help. 

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