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Family-Owned, Patient-Focused: The Renfrew Center Difference


In the Media | Eating Disorders and the High Holidays

Published by: The Jewish Journal 

Written By: Debra L. Eckerling

Eating disorders are so prevalent within Jewish community that The Renfrew Center designed specialized programming to treat Jewish women. The Renfrew Center is a national network of eating disorder treatment centers, with a facility in Los Angeles. As the Center’s liaison to the Jewish community, psychotherapist Sarah Bateman, LCSW, works to ensure that Jewish individuals with eating disorders receive culturally sensitive treatment.

When asked how she got involved with this specialty, Bateman said when she was in high school, many of her friends were suffering from eating disorders.

“It seemed to me that everyone knew, but no one was talking about it,” Bateman told the Journal. “Talking about these issues does not make them go away, but it can greatly help reduce the stigma and make it so much easier for those who are suffering privately.”

The Journal spoke with Bateman about eating disorders, Judaism and how to navigate challenges faced during the fasting holidays, like Yom Kippur.

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