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Family-Owned, Patient-Focused: The Renfrew Center Difference

COVID-19 Family Update

Dear Families,

There is not a single person globally who has not been touched in some way, by negative repercussions from the COVID-19 virus, particularly those already compromised by medical and/or mental health issues and their loving families. During this time of crisis, we consider it an honor that you have entrusted your family member to our care. We stand by our commitment to provide uninterrupted quality of care and safety to all patients at The Renfrew Center.

Recognizing that this is an opportunity for us to demonstrate clear and concise communication, we have outlined below some of the efforts we’ve taken to provide exceptional caution and prudence in providing a safe environment for all our patients and in supporting them and their loved ones during this most challenging time.

  • With the first disclosure of the virus spread, Renfrew immediately put into effect a COVID-19 Taskforce. This taskforce meets regularly to address any new developments, review updated Center for Disease Control and Department of Health guidelines, and then implement changes accordingly. Our prevention efforts are on-going.
  • While hygiene measures have always been a priority of our janitorial teams, they have now upgraded the methods and materials for cleaning our facility each night and throughout the day. 
  • Implementation of increased attention to hand hygiene before meals and snacks has gone into effect. All residents are required to use hand sanitizer before entering the dining room and going through the food line. Residents are also required to wash their hands before starting any group involving food.
  • All patients at The Renfrew Center of Philadelphia are required to wear cloth face coverings in communal areas. Patients at The Renfrew Center of Coconut Creek are wearing cloth face coverings the first 14 days on campus.
  • No visitors are permitted in the buildings. Only patients and essential medical staff are allowed in the residence buildings. All deliveries must be received outside.
  • Incoming patients are asked to bring enough supplies with them to last throughout their length of stay. If additional supplies are needed, they should be mailed and not dropped off. 
  • To support family connections, family therapy sessions, visitation hours and Family Day are being conducted through a virtual platform.
  • All staff at The Renfrew Centers of Philadelphia – Spring Lane, PA and Coconut Creek, FL are required to take their temperature before coming to work and, at work, are wearing face masks.
  • We ask that all care packages are shipped by loved ones — Spring Lane residential patients can only purchase items online if approval is received prior from their treatment team. Additionally, the Renfrew Store is now open to allow residents to attain necessities and supplies on campus.

We hope this letter has helped to ease any concerns or questions you may have had about how Renfrew is moving forward to properly address the safety and treatment of your loved one during her stay with us. We have come to a unique point in time where we are all being called upon to do the best we can to work together and move through this crisis with support for one another.

Our commitment to your loved one is two-fold — to utilize our outstanding Renfrew Center Unified Treatment Model for Eating Disorders® to advance and enhance her recovery and to incorporate opportunities for conceptualizing this pandemic as a life experience in which individuals can learn to be resilient and creative in the face of challenging situations.

Best regards,

The Renfrew Center

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