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The Renfrew Center of New York City has MOVED!

2023 Virtual Alumni Reunion Workshop Selections

Holding Onto Hope in the Recovery Journey

We are excited for you to be joining us at this year’s Alumni Reunion: Holding Onto Hope in the Recovery Journey. Below you will find a listing of workshops and activities that will be offered throughout the day. Please register for what you’d like to attend. Each event requires its own registration

Reunion Schedule

Workshop Selections

  • Please select 1 workshop from each of the sessions below to attend.
  • A confirmation email for each workshop you register for will be sent to you by Zoom and contain your attendee link.
  • Should you have any questions, please contact [email protected].


  • Led by Erin Birely, LCPC, The Renfrew Center’s Alumni Services Coordinator, and an Alum who will share her recovery story.
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Session 1

Reminder: Pick 1 workshop.

  • Occupational Therapy: Your Relationship with Food through Mindful Eating
    Kristen Raspanti, BSHS, MOT & Jaclyn Macchione, MOT, OTR/L
    In this experiential workshop, alumni will examine their relationship with food through a mindful eating activity. Alumni are encouraged to bring a piece of candy, snack, or chips to this virtual workshop, where they will engage with all physical emotional senses to experience their food choice.
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  • Nourishing Your Inner World
    Kyle Congdon, MA, ATR-BC & Erin Williams, MA, MT-BC, LPC
    What fills you up? Alumni will reflect on aspects of self-care, passions, areas of growth, and connections. By filling a physical shape, alumni will explore both what is constituted internally and supported externally. Please bring a sheet of paper and drawing supplies or collage materials.
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  • Listening to My Body
    Susan Kleinman, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, CEDS & Felicia Perez Campana, MS/Ed.S
    We sometimes live in a culture of disconnection. Listening to our bodies can be a helpful skill in the recovery journey. Participants will review methods learned in treatment to refresh their spirit, by anchoring in both their body and mind, and trusting the feelings and thoughts that emerge.
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  • Your Relationship with Body Image in Recovery
    Terri Bulan, MSW, LSW & Sara Earl, MS, NCC, R-DMT
    Recovery requires working through so many intense fears and challenges, and body image fears and distress can feel like some of the most difficult. In this workshop, alumni will evaluate their relationship with body image and identify strategies to foster hope through recovery, including the difficulties and victories.
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Meal Support

  • This is an optional session in which you can enjoy lunch with fellow alumni and Renfrew clinicians. Meals will not be checked off by staff supports and an honor system will be in place that attendees are following their recovery-oriented meal goals.
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Session 2

Reminder: Pick 1 workshop.

  • Cultivating Hope in Relationships
    Sara Earl, MS, NCC, R-DMT & Alexis Koerner, MSW
    Eating disorders often lead to disconnection. But we need connection to others in order to thrive! In this workshop, alumni will learn how to stop avoiding uncomfortable conversations and to build relationships that foster mutual growth. Bring a difficult situation to workshop (a small paragraph, typed and ready to paste in the chat).
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  • Nutrition Variety in Recovery
    Kayla Wilson, MS, RDN, LDN & Kylie McHugh, MS, RDN, LDN
    In this workshop, alumni will explore the benefits of food variety—more specifically, how it applies to food neutrality and how it impacts various stages of recovery. Attendees will learn the benefits of macronutrients and micronutrients, as well as methods to try new foods and gain awareness of how taste buds change over time.
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  • Social ME-dia
    Kelsey Brannock, MPS, ATR & Corina Gomez, LMHC
    Social media plays a significant role in our modern lives. Participants will explore the impact of social media on their mood, self-esteem, and recovery process. Attendees will leave with an understand of how social media influences their life on and off the screen.
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Session 3

Reminder: Pick 1 workshop.

  • Navigating Social Events and Connection in Recovery
    Matthew McCool, MS, NCC & Terri Bulan, MSW, LSW
    Between barbecues and parties, vacations and swimsuits, the summer months can be tough in their strong emphasis on social interactions and physical appearance. In this workshop, alumni will discuss upcoming social events or gatherings, and best approaches to manage these situations in an adaptive recovery-oriented way.
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  • Nutrition Hopes and Goals
    Sam Wint, RD, & Sabeena Seraj, RD
    Hope is an emotion. And like other emotions, it’s constantly changing. Holding on to hope can be challenging for anyone battling an eating disorder, but it is an integral aspect of the recovery journey. This group will give you the space to reflect on your personal nutrition hopes in this process, identify challenges in nourishing your body, and reaffirm goals as your journey continues.
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  • Finding Hope in Your Unique Body
    Carolyn Himmelgreen, BC-DMT & Jennifer Wells, PhD
    Recovery requires working through so many intense fears and challenges, and body image fears and distress can feel like some of the most difficult. In this workshop, alumni will work towards appreciation of their perceived body imperfections and celebrate one’s uniqueness.
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  • Images of Hope
    Laura Rickles, ATR-BC, & Kelsey Brannock, MPS, ATR
    What does hope look like to you? Art, poetry, and other media can all embody this “picture” of hope. All are welcome to share words, images, and stories of encouragement, inspiration and hope that have helped them during their recovery at home.
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  • Join us to close out the day, hosted by Erin Birely, LCPC, The Renfrew Center’s Alumni Services Coordinator.
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As a reminder, a confirmation email for each workshop you registered for will be sent by Zoom and contain your attendee link.
For  questions, please contact [email protected].

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