The Renfrew Center Eating Disorder Treatment Facility


First in Eating Disorders

Since 1985, The Renfrew Centers have been providing
clinical excellence within a nurturing environment — 
empowering women to change their lives.

Renfrew Eating Disorder Treatment Center What to Expect

What to Expect

At The Renfrew Center, a multidisciplinary team provides care in a warm, nurturing environment, where the treatment philosophy is based on four comprehensive goals: 

  • Stabilize and engage — The initial focus of treatment is to re-establish physical and nutritional health. As patients restore weight and interrupt other eating disorder behaviors, our therapists work with them to develop their own commitment and motivation for treatment.
  • Trust and experiment — This next phase helps patients make significant changes in their eating disorder behaviors. With the support and encouragement of their therapists and their peers, patients start to develop a new relationship with food and with their bodies. 
  • Expand and practice — As patients move through our treatment programs, they are presented with new challenges that help them prepare for real life situations. 
  • Relapse prevention — The final goal of treatment is to develop skills and strategies to manage ongoing difficulties with food, body image and eating disordered behaviors.