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A New Twist On Throwback Thursday: Looking Back Inspires Looking Within To Appreciate Your True Self

Leveraging the popularity of Throwback Thursdays, The Renfrew Center Foundation launches fourth annual “Barefaced & Beautiful, Without & Within” Campaign in conjunction with National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Don't like the way you look in photos? There's an app for that! In fact, there are several apps available that enable virtually anyone with a smartphone to 'beautify' their picture with just a tap or two.  This indication of the immense desire for instant beautification in photos spurs growing concern for The Renfrew Center Foundation, and has inspired the direction of its fourth annual "Barefaced & Beautiful, Without & Within" Campaign, being held during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, February 22-28.

To help the public make these important reconnections, The Renfrew Center Foundation is launching a national Throwback Thursday (#TBT) campaign on Thursday, February 26 encouraging women, men and adolescents alike to post/tweet #TBT photos of themselves without makeup or photo retouching, and comment on why they love the particular photo(s) of themselves. Photos and comments can be shared using the hashtag #barefacedbeauty.

The Renfrew Center Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to advancing the education, prevention, research, advocacy and treatment of eating disorders, is leveraging the popularity of social media's #TBT to communicate key messages this year, focusing on a time – not long ago – when it wasn't so easy or inexpensive for people to fix a blemish, whiten their teeth, slim their thighs, or perform any other myriad of touch-ups in a photo.

"There's more to Throwback Thursday's popularity than just being trendy… there's something very compelling about looking back and sharing memories of times when we were free of the stress and anxiety of today," said Adrienne Ressler, Vice President, Professional Development, The Renfrew Center Foundation, and renowned body image expert. "We feel the importance of reconnecting with and being happy with one’s true, authentic self goes hand in hand with our campaign’s messages.”

"Many #TBT photos don't have retouching because the technology wasn't easily accessible at the time. More often than not, when someone thinks about candid baby pictures, family parities, high school sports, summer camping trips, etc., the subject does not have makeup on. Asking individuals to really look and react to their unmade-up, unenhanced photos, can serve as an opportunity to begin a conversation about self-esteem and help build or reinforce a positive body image. It is important to redirect an individual’s focus away from self-criticism as it can become self-destructive and lead to unhealthy behaviors.”

According to The Renfrew Center Foundation, more and more people feel pressured to edit and alter their images to look like what they think of as their "best selves" instead of their "real selves." (50 percent of a population surveyed by Renfrew last year indicated they edit pictures before posting on social media.(See Harris Interactive Survey Results here.) The concern is that these social media habits heighten the challenge of developing positive body image and fuel negative self-esteem or body image issues that can set the stage for addictions or other destructive behaviors such as eating disorders.

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