How to Refer a Patient for Eating Disorder Treatment

Expediting the Referral Process

Individuals who require treatment for eating disorders have typically reached a point of significant instability and their commitment to recovery can waver—literally from hour to hour. To ensure your patient receives prompt attention, we have a streamlined referral and admissions protocol.

#1 Call Renfrew

As soon as you think treatment may be indicated—and your patient is amenable—call The Renfrew Center’s Program Information Department at 1-800-RENFREW (736-3739), and a Program Information Coordinator will assist you.

#2 Discuss Patient Need

The Program Information Coordinator will ask for basic demographic information and an overview of the issues that led to the referral. We’ll also ask for insurance information so staff can do a preliminary insurance benefits check. Once the health plan has verified coverage, we will need to speak to your patient or her family to explain benefits and out-of-pocket costs, if any. If benefits are limited, we will explore other payment options at this time.

#3 Schedule a Bio-psycho-social Evaluation

We will also schedule an appointment for a complete bio-psycho-social evaluation of your patient with a therapist to determine the appropriate level of care. Pre-admission laboratory testing and medical clearances, including an EKG, are required for residential and partial levels of care. Your patient will be sent a list of these requirements at the time the assessment is scheduled.

#4 Discuss Treatment Goals

The Renfrew Center encourages collaboration with all referring professionals. Before admission, we will explore your treatment goals for your patient and, once she is admitted, we will discuss with you our plan of care and the patient’s progress. We are always interested in your feedback and welcome your collaboration. When the patient is returned to you for ongoing care, you will receive a discharge summary that fully briefs you on her progress, treatment success, and our recommendations.

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