For Friends and Family

At Renfrew, we understand that eating disorders also profoundly affect family and friends and that it can be difficult, frightening and confusing to watch your loved one suffer. We strongly believe that loved ones can be a valuable source of support throughout the patient’s stay and long after her return home. In choosing Renfrew for your family member or friend, you can rest assured that you will receive the support and expertise you need, and your loved one will receive the help and care that she needs.

Olivia C. and Parents

Kirstin and Sister

"I am so grateful to each staff member at The Renfrew Center — for your training in this area, your sensitivity, your knowledge, comprehensive treatment program, and all of the support you have shown my daughter and our family."

“The care my daughter received during her residential treatment was amazing. Thank you for what you do and for having such incredible staff as to make the journey easier for all.”

"I know that without Renfrew, Aimee wouldn't have been able to stand up as tall and proudly as she does today and be the strong, dedicated, inspiring woman and artist that she is."