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Since 1985, The Renfrew Centers have been providing clinical excellence within a nurturing environment  empowering adolescent girls and women to change their lives.

Renfrew Eating Disorder Treatment Center Events


Alumni T-Shirt Design Contest

The Renfrew Center is turning 35! To help us commemorate this significant milestone, we’re seeking out an incredibly creative community: our alumni! 

We’re inviting YOU to enter our design contest for the official Renfrew Center 35th anniversary t-shirt. This shirt not only celebrates 35 years of providing life-changing care, but also highlights three-and-a-half decades of Renfrew's alumni community using the tools they’ve learned during treatment to progress in their recovery.

Along with the excitement of having your unique design displayed on the t-shirt, the contest winner will receive an Amazon gift card and complimentary t-shirt!
The design must:
• Have a maximum size of 13” h x 11” w
• Be an EPS file or vector PDF with fonts outlined
• Have PMS colors called out

When creating your design, please keep in mind the following guidelines:
• Your design should be recovery focused
• Be as inclusive as possible, if your design features bodies remember they come in all shapes and sizes
• Stay away from specifics (sizes, calories, amounts, etc.)
• No profane language
• No religious or political affiliations
• Nothing can be representative of drug use, alcohol, or self-injurious/suicidal behaviors
• Registered or trademarked artwork cannot be used (including NEDA recovery symbol)
• Design must be compatible with one of the following Hanes® t-shirt colors: white, purple or light steel

All submissions are due by midnight on Friday, April 10, 2020.
To enter, please email submissions to

*Extra consideration will be added to those who highlight our 35th anniversary.

The winning t-shirt design will be unveiled at the 2020 Alumni Residential Reunions on Saturday, June 6th, and will also be available for purchase online. 

Like all of our items for sale, proceeds from the t-shirt will benefit The Renfrew Center Foundation, dedicated to advancing eating disorders education, prevention, research, advocacy, and treatment.


The Annual Alumni Reunions take place each year at Renfrew locations across the country. By attending a day of free recovery workshops, you have the opportunity to revisit coping skills, hear inspirational stories from fellow alumni and recharge your recovery.


Workshops are held throughout the year at all Renfrew locations. Run by Renfrew’s clinical staff, they are a way to stay connected in recovery. These workshops are free and open to Renfrew alumni or anyone who is struggling, or has struggled, with disordered eating.


The Renfrew Center offers free webinars to alumni and anyone struggling with disordered eating. These one-hour webinars are presented by the Alumni Coordinator and provide participants with tips, tools and support for a solid and protected recovery from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Click here for our calendar of events.