The Renfrew Center


First in Eating Disorders

The Renfrew Centers provide clinical excellence within a nurturing
environment—empowering women to change their lives.


The Renfrew Center Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization and, therefore, we rely upon donations from individuals, corporations, foundations and other organizations to fund our programs. A gift to The Renfrew Center Foundation will increase our ability to continue with our existing programs and develop new programs aimed at improving the mental health and quality of life for individuals with eating disorders through education, prevention, research and treatment.

Please click here to download our donation form and join us today in making a life-changing impact in the lives of women suffering from eating disorders. Here are just some of the ways your tax-deductible donation can make a difference:

  • $5,000 can help extend residential care for a patient in need.
  • $1,000 can help extend day treatment care for a patient in need.
  • $500 can help extend intensive outpatient treatment for a patient in need.
  • $100 or less can help provide outpatient treatment services such as individual, group, nutrition and/or family sessions for a patient in need.

Together, we can save lives!