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Thank You for Attending the 23rd Annual Renfrew Center Foundation Conference

Feminist Relational Perspectives and Beyond: Integrated Approaches to the Complexity of Eating Disorders

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How and why an eating disorder develops, and is maintained, is informed by an ever expanding body of knowledge highlighting the inherent complexity of every clinical situation.  At the same time, clinical experience and empirical experience have identified multiple treatment options, and there is growing recognition that different patients may require different therapeutic approaches at different times. The Conference presents topics that relate to the integration of various therapeutic practices during the treatment of eating disorders, the use of evidence based guidelines in combination with an emphasis on clinical wisdom and the importance of the therapeutic relationship. 

Workshops Included:
Good Old Fashioned Know How: The Essential Role of Clinical Wisdom and Expertise in Evidence-Based Practice 
Panel Chair: Judith Banker, MA, LLP, FAED; Margo Maine, PhD, FAED, CEDS;
Kathleen Pike, PhD, FAED; Howard Steiger, PhD, FAED
Evidence-based practice is the gold standard for eating disorder treatment. However, there remain significant gaps in our evidence base with regard to effective treatments for many ED individuals, including adults with AN, patients with BED, males, older adults, patients from a range of cultural contexts and ethnic backgrounds, patients who do not respond to ESTs and patients with chronic, complex co-morbidity. This panel discusses the key role of clinical expertise and wisdom when treatment must travel outside the matrix of contemporary empirically supported evidence and therapeutic guidelines. The master clinicians and scientist-practitioners on this panel share case vignettes that demonstrate how to use clinical experience and wisdom to integrate empirically supported treatments into ongoing practice, and make clinical decisions when treatment must go beyond the scope of current guidelines.

The F Word: On Growing Up Big, Speaking Out Loud and Raising Betty Friedan Girls in a Britney Spears World
Jennifer Weiner,
New York Times Best Selling Author
What's it like to live in a place where girls are supposed to be thin, blond and preppy, when you're not like that? How do you speak up when women like you are supposed to be permanently ashamed? How do you get infected with fat prejudice even though raised to believe brains and heart matter more than body size? In this keynote presentation Jennifer Weiner describes growing up in a larger body and absolutely no Lacoste shirts, but a plus size mom in her corner. She became her graduation day speaker, protested Princeton's eating clubs, and wrote in Good in Bed, the first "chick lit" novel featuring a large protagonist. Now the author of ten books and mother of two daughters, Jennifer continues to expose sexism and size-ism in publishing and pop culture, and urges women to raise girls who will run the world.