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Since 1985, The Renfrew Centers have been providing clinical excellence within a nurturing environment  empowering adolescent girls and women to change their lives.

The Renfrew Center of Los Angeles Now Offers a Virtual Therapy Group for Eating Disorders

The Renfrew Center of Los Angeles is pleased to offer a new, Virtual Therapy Group for Eating Disorders.

Meets weekly on Thursdays • 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

This weekly therapy group is for adolescent girls and women in recovery, and is facilitated by Heather Russo, MA, MFT, CEDS, Regional Assistant Vice President and Site Director at The Renfrew Center of Los Angeles and offers structured care in a web-based environment.

This online, virtual therapy group actively engages participants with each other to explore and understand the emotions and relational functions of their disordered eating and develop strategies to connect to emotions, improve communications and achieve recovery focused goals. Group curriculum is informed by the empirically based Renfrew Unified Treatment model.

To get started, you will need to have access to Wi-Fi and a device such as a smart phone, computer or tablet with a camera and screen.

Participants must be located in California and be followed
by an outpatient therapist.

For more information about the Virtual Therapy Group or to schedule a virtual assessment, please call 1-800-RENFREW (736-3739).