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Since 1985, The Renfrew Centers have been providing clinical excellence within a nurturing environment  empowering adolescent girls and women to change their lives.

The Renfrew Center Launches New Diabetes Program

The Renfrew Center, internationally renowned leader and pioneer in the field of eating disorders since its founding in 1985, has integrated a new Diabetes Program into its treatment model.  The program has been established to provide treatment to patients with the dual diagnosis of diabetes and an eating disorder.

The Renfrew Center Diabetes Program is based on the American Diabetes Association and incorporates medical and nutritional management of diabetes while addressing and exploring the underlying psychological aspects of the eating disorder. Through exposure activities and coordinated individual, group and family therapies, patients will gain the skills and confidence to address emotional factors that contribute to their eating disorder and diabetes management.

This program has been established under the supervision of Dr. Susan Ice, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of The Renfrew Center and Trish Lieberman, Director of Nutrition of The Renfrew Center, based on the latest findings in the field of emotion science research.  The program has oversight from a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) and treatment team members receive ongoing training on diabetes care. Renfrew’s Medical Nurse Practitioner will collaborate with the patient’s outpatient endocrinologist on a regular basis.

“With this program we will effectively treat the eating disorder and manage the diabetes by addressing the underlying emotional issues and complexities that make the combination of these two very different illnesses so challenging to treat,” said Dr. Ice. “Within a collaborative, empowering, supportive environment patients will learn to care for their diabetes more independently while navigating their eating disorder recovery. As patients advance in recovery they will be given great autonomy in the management of their diabetes care including managing their own diets and insulin regimens.”

The Diabetes Workbook has been specifically developed for Renfrew’s program with extensive research and collaboration with all disciplines. The workbook will allow patients to experience, endure and express their emotions.

Drs. Susan Ice and Gayle Brooks, internationally recognized experts in the eating disorder field, oversee the clinical operations of Renfrew’s 19 locations. The Renfrew Center has treated more than 75,000 women with eating disorders and other behavioral health issues and trained more than 35,000 professionals. It has facilities throughout the United States in California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas and works directly with most major insurance companies.

For additional information about The Renfrew Center’s programs and services, please call 1-800-RENFREW.