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The Renfrew Center recognizes that eating disorders know no national or cultural boundaries. Since its founding in 1985, Renfrew has been a healing haven for women from around the world. No matter what nationality, culture or religion, Renfrew’s goal is to help every woman with an eating disorder recognize her symptoms, be provided with a safe place for treatment and return to her community in a healthy condition.

Renfrew seeks to accomplish these goals while understanding the importance of working within a clients’ cultural-religious framework. While the treatment philosophy at The Renfrew Center remains the same for everyone, accommodations are made for cultural, religious and dietary practices.

Additionally, Renfrew understands that traveling a great distance for treatment can feel frightening and the thought of being far away from loved ones even more frightening. To help alleviate some of those fears, Renfrew works with family and significant others every step of the way to facilitate communication with their loved ones. When possible, Renfrew will help find suitable accommodations near our locations so families can more easily participate in the treatment process.

Upcoming Webinar for Professionals:

Comida y Cultura: Cultural Differences When Working with Hispanic Eating Disorder Patients and Their Families
Presented by: Yaneth Beltran, BS
Nutritionist at The Renfrew Center of Florida &
Carolina Gaviria, LMHC, NCC
Renfrew's Featured Guest

Wednesday, December 9th - Noon - 1:00pm EST
(Presentation in English) - Click Here to Register
Wednesday, December 9th - 8:00pm - 9:00pm EST
(Presentation in Spanish) - Click Here to Register

The complexities of cultural differences permeate our clients’ identity  -- their sense of themselves, their bodies and their relationship with food. A culturally responsive therapist and/or nutritional counselor is able to access the process of healing with the wisdom and information needed to honor the Hispanic culture and connect to its core values. An attuned therapeutic relationship,  so essential for healing and commitment to treatment, is more likely to occur when the client feels that the clinician “gets me” and “gets who I am”.  This presentation will not only provide information about Hispanic family and cultural core values, but will also provide attendees with tools to learn how to approach the unique  challenges with food and body acceptance these clients face.

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